March 27, 2018

Airdrie Highlanders hosting open training sessions


“We want to open up these indoor training sessions to kids, adults, anybody that wants to come toss the rugby ball around, run some drills and get a feel for rugby,” Dorgan said.

“We never turn anybody away that’s interested in rugby.”

Dorgan added the weekly sessions allow athletes an opportunity to try out the sport in a controlled setting.

For first-time participants, the event is free to attend, but subsequent visits come at a $5 drop-in fee each week.

Dorgan said there isn’t much cost involved with being a rugby player, just shoes, shorts, a T-shirt and the willingness to compete in a fun and fast-paced sport.

“We just want to grow rugby in Airdrie,” Dorgan said.

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August 12, 2017

Airdrie Highlanders with there FIRST Victory

On August 12th 2017 the Highlanders took a road trip to play St. Albert rugby club. 

They played three 10 minute periods. In the first period the highlanders were down by 10 - 0; soon after Ruqaia scored a try which lifted the spirits of the team.  The Highlanders then began scoring, completing passes and using the field. Ruqaia's kicks were also very successful with 10 points from kicks alone. 

The final score was 45-32 for the Highlanders. 

Try scorers are: 

Ruqaia with 15 points

Maya with 15 points

Madi with 5 points

Lauren with 10 points 

Shout out to Maya and Lauren for it being there FIRST rugby game. 

Congrats to Lauren on the many tackles she completed and the great defense she provided. 

May 18, 2017

Rugby success leads to potential growth

A pair of high schools in Airdrie may have brought new life to the rugby community with some positive results during the Rocky View Sports Associations rugby sevens championships May 12.

Despite coming into the league tournament with little-to-no experience in the sport, the Bert Church Chargers senior boys and W.H. Croxford Cavaliers junior girls teams walked away with second place finishes against rival schools.

“Both the guys and girls teams have probably been exposed to rugby for about two weeks and this was their first-ever game type of situations. It was incredible,” Chargers co-coach Mitch Dorgan said. “They progressed, picked up the game quickly and on (May 12) it all culminated to a positive day with positive outcomes. A lot of people found their love of rugby.”

The Chargers team opened the tournament with a tough loss to the Bow Valley Bobcats but bounced back in a big way against the host Springbank Phoenix in its second game of the round robin.

May 07, 2017

Croxford girls hosts there FIRST rugby game!

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